Our research group

Basdisyn is a research group created in 2006 and led by researchers of the University of the Basque Country in Vitoria-Gasteiz and IKER UMR 5478 in Bayonne whose main goal is to study syntactic variation across Basque dialects. It gathers syntacticians, dialectologists and computational linguists from seven research units in the Basque Country and New York City.

Basdisyn currently participates in two European research networks, namely, the broad Edisyn research network and the smaller Wedisyn.

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Past activities

» Towards a theory of Syntactic Variation The language research groups Basdisyn and The Bilingual Mind co-organized an International Workshop entitled Towards a theory of Syntactic Variation. The workshop took place in Bilbao, The Basque Country, in June 5-7, 2013. The goal of the workshop was to provide a forum of discussion on different approaches to the nature of syntactic variation and its place in linguistic theory. [+]


Our research group is contributing to the study of Basque dialects in four different ways:

» Syntactic atlas (SABL)

An on-line dynamic atlas of syntactic variation in the dialects of Basque. The searching engine for the Atlas is already available but without data. For full information on the project, click here.

» Variables of syntactic dialect variation

A list of over 100 variables of syntactic dialect variation in Basque.

soon available

» Bibliographic database

A comprehensive, searchable and user-friendly bibliographic database on Basque dialect syntax. It is supplemented with a short list of (basic) references of related typological and generative works.

» Publications and talks

Links to published and unpublished materials produced by Basdisyn's members in connection to its research projects.