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This tool aims to offer a comprehensive, searchable and user-friendly bibliographic database on Basque dialect syntax, in particular, on our catalog of over 100 syntactic variables of cross-dialectal variation in Basque (see list). These bibliographic references on Basque will be supplemented with a short list of (basic) references of related typological and generative works.

By now, we present a small sample of the whole database, for it is limited to references on Basque dialectology and on syntactic variables regarding agreement and verb selection. We keep working to complete it as soon as possible.

As it is designed, the database gives users different search criteria: (i) author, title word or source of document (publishing company and so on), (ii) document type (book, article, thesis, etc.); and (iii)-(iv) two closed lists of topics, areas or research perspectives (for instance, verb regime, agreement, dialectology, etc.).

These four options may be combined for a single search. The results lists will be displayed just below the search window, sorted in alphabetical order by author's last name.

This database has been updated on february 21, 2010.